[GOSIP TRANSFER] More Heat, Coutinho Will not Play for Liverpool Again

[GOSIP TRANSFER] More Heat, Coutinho Will not Play for Liverpool Again

Philippe Coutinho will not change his intention to leave Liverpool, though it could make him lose his place in the 2018 World Cup, according to mirror.co.uk reports.

Players from Brazil still want to get out of Anfield to move to Barcelona, ​​after Liverpool rejected two big offers from the Blaugrana.

Last week the Reds issued a stern statement that Coutinho will not go anywhere, but the Brazilian player is making an official request for sale.

The latest report claims, Coutinho is still pulled over because of back problems told Jurgen Klopp he will never want to play for the Reds again. And now he is showing a stronger desire, even willing to lose his place in the Brazilian national team for the World Cup in Russia next year.

Mudo Deportivo said Coutinho is ready to sit in the stands for the rest of the season if the club does not give him the go-ahead to Barcelona.

The 25-year-old is increasingly looking to move to Camp Nou because it now appears that Ernesto Valverde is in desperate need of reinforcements. Start Barcelona after Neymar left a mess, they lost twice from Real Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup with a 5-1 aggregate.

Coutinho believes he has been acting professionally throughout the summer and is now forcing to move with the transfer of the request he submits.

General Manager of Barcelona, ​​Pep Segura, said today the Catalan giants are close to reaching a transfer agreement of Philippe Coutinho and Ousmane Dembele, although it does not match the recognition of Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund.

Meanwhile, injury related Coutinho Klopp said: “Nothing has changed in the last few days – not on this side or the other side,” quoted from mirror.co.uk (17/8).

“I work with players I have and do not think of players I do not have – if they are injured or whatever the reason. The situation is also the same as mine, ”

“If, for example there is an offer for a player and I say ‘no’ and the owner says ‘Yes’, let’s ask what number they dare pay. And I said ‘I do not want to hear it’ but they say ‘We want to hear it, 50 million Pounds Sterling … 50 million is good’ So they sell players – that’s how the club works, “Klopp said. (Source: mirror.co.uk)

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